Kochi Ryoma Marathon 2019

Sunny day Dear Hong Kong friends and others.
I don’t use Google Translate and other translates.
The Journal has many mistakes below, Please feel and understand sentences my written.

….16th February 2019….

I wake up around at 8:30. I’m going to Kochi Prefecture to running to “Kochi Ryoma Marathon 2019”.
I depeartured at 9 o’clock A.M. and I bought bread, gum and snaks at a supermarket and bought a cup of coffee at McDonald’s. I am taking Highway go to “Kochi Station” from “Takamatsu West Station” by a my car.
In my car, I am listening music using “Amazon Music” by my smartphone. The smartphone is connecting my car sound system to AUX cable. If I have FM radio transmitter then I don’t need an AUX cable.
I was excited listening music while driving, “Kochi station” depature soon and I don’t sleepy while driving.

It’s time early, Let’s go to short sightseeing and have a lunch before The Marathon Celemony. But I had come from Kochi few times, I haven’t want to go to spot. I discover “Godaisan Mountain” on the road sign durling I was driving a my car. Let’s go “Godaisan Mountain”!!
It has 146 meters hight, I think that shorten, But sight from top of the mountain is very beautiful and I feel so good.
Go to observation From observation

I am in near The Marathon course, I check around the course. The course has “Urato Bridge”, 20 to 21 kilometers it appears. The bridge has 45 meters hight and too hard up hill.
I think, that we need to use a little power to running the bridge so We’ll able to get nice result at the Marathon.
After the bridge, the course has very buautiful viewing by the seaside. But today has blow wind. If blow wind tomorrow too, We don’t glad. Because go to forward to wind so hard.

I’m finding a lunch shop durling I go back central Kochi. I found “Beef 100% Humburg” sign. I go to the lunch shop.
The lunch shop “Hungry Bear” has smoke from grilled inside room.
I feel “Is the shop okay?”, few minutes ago I don’t mind smokes.
The humburg made from only beef so it is very meat and meat and delicious I felt.
Hungry Bear Humburg

I am staying “LuLuLu Cafe” from Airbnb between today and the day after tomorrow.
I park a my car at near the cafe and I go to The Marathon Celemony take a road train. I reserved the room in last September.
The staying room

I arrived near the Marathon Celemony Park. There is “Harimaya Bridge” it is very famous spot in Kochi on east side the park. I took a picture the bridge and go to park. I checked in at the park by QR code. Recently few Races prepared QR Code, Many people come so using the technorogy is very smoose. I stay the park only 5 minutes.
Harimayabashi Bridge

Next, I go to Kochi Castle. But I didn’t enter the Castle, I observation the castle and take a picture.
Kochi Castle

I try to walk to the staying room. I need to go to a park on the left side of the castle tomorrow morning. I am thinking how I use road train or walk, I’ll decide after the walk. I found a coffee shop “Masugata” Let’s take a rest. I orderd Hotcake and a cup of coffee, there taste are good.
Hotcake and a cup of coffee

I walked to the staying room for 30 minutes from the castle. I decide, I take a road train tomorrow morning.
There is sevaral children and a foreign man in the staying room, they are studying English language.
The staying room owner “Taro” explain the house’s rule and take to my room together. I have some rest time and I try to studying English by “DMM Eikaiwa“, The website in English is “Engoo“, I studied English with Ghana’s teacher and Zambia’s teacher for 25 minutes per teacher via Skype.

Around 7 P.M., the host Taro invite me dinner at the cafe. I paid 2,000 Yen. I don’t drink alcohol because I have to running the Marathon, I need to keep my body and health. But I ordered two bottles of beer.
I really enjoyed the dinner, the guests are talking each other. A man came from Osaka, He is running and wearing costume “Muscle Man” tomorrow. His friend is mathematics teacher in a high school came from Tokyo. Two wemen came from HongKong, They are studying Japanese Language and speak Japanese Language well. I try to talk to them. I use Japanese and English, They use Japanese and English, Taro helps us translator, He speeks English well.
Why are they came from Kochi? They could not entry the HongKong Marathon Beause the Marathon was entried over 100,000 people. The race quota is 22,500, they were not get it.
Why are they study Japanese Language? They said “Japanese Language is sounds good example ‘Ganbare~ Ganbare~'”. They use studying Japanese by a software “Duolingo”. They can feel Chinease character in Japanese Language. If they are not understand Japanese Language when a sentense includes Chinease Character. They showed “安全第一” to me.

The dinner party finished at 10 P.M. I set alarm clock at 6 A.M and I sleep soon.

….17th February 2019….

I get up 5:50 A.M. I setted alarm clock yesterday night, but I get up before ringing If I am having excited.
I bought a riceball at nearby Lowson. I bring a banana, I ate a banana and a riceball before race prepare.

I go out 7 A.M. beofre 10 minute. I take a road train from “Asahimachi 1Chome Station” to “Masugata Station”. I met 3 people staying same cafe waiting the road train at the station.
The train come, I supprised, The train fill of human.

The Marathon quata is 12,000, many people are staying around a park. I take a restroom few times. I take a my luggage to a staff at 8 A.M.. The Marathon is different start place and goal place, they carry our luggage to goal place.
I’m C block, I enter C block and waiting start time 9 A.M.. I feel cold because it is not get sunshine. I try to move my hands to my body fast speed because of my body gets hot.

Start time come, we hear a gun sound and starting the Marathon. I run slow pace because the road is crowed. I run only 800 meters I take a restroom. I lost 60 seconds.
My body so hot soon, My body inside make heat and heat. I remove gloves. The Marathon has many aid looks water and drinks spot sometimes fresh tomatos, bananas, breads, sweet snaks. I often got water and drinks, I ate fresh tomatos only because I ate other food so my mouth became dry and dry I certainly need to water.
Distance of around 10 kilometers the course has several tunnels. The tunnels are dark inside, we carefull.

Many audience cheer for us and say “Ganbare, Ganbare”. Sometimes the audiences are playing instruments orchestra. I listen thease musics “Makenaide” by ZARD, “Runner” By Explode Wind Slumps, “Ultra Soul” By B’z, etc, I got energy from those songs.

At 20km distance, I try to uphill at “Urato Bridge”, I run slow and care my heart. The bridge has 1 kilometer distance. I can see the top of the bridge but there is not near.
The bridge ended I running beautiful seaside road. This road is very long, go straight for 10 kilometers and turn back for 5 kilometers. Today has a little blow wind.
My halfway’s time is 1 hour 46 minutes 5 seconds. The time addtion twice equals 3 hours 32 minutes 10 seconds. I need to less 2 minutes 10 seconds so I get achieve less 3 hours 30 minutes.

I decide, I follow a man same my speed. He cut off blow wind I can running to easy. The first man is wearing light yellow pants simillar me. I follow him for 3 kilometers.
But he is slowly soon. I need to change follow person. Next, I follow who is wearing orange shirt between 25 kilometers to 35 kilometers. But 35 kilometers distance he is slowly.
I passed him and making speed myself.

I’m looking sign of “5 kilometers to go”. But I am feeling stomachache. I think that next rest room I go? But I have only few minutes. If I take a rest room so I don’t get achieve 3 hours 30 minutes.
4 kilometers to go, I have only 19 minutes 45 seconds. I need to running pace of 4 minutes 50 seconds per a kilometers. I am faster than last distance.
I am moving to large my arms, raise up to straight my back, looking forward not down, I am changing my body condition and mind.
1 kilometers to go, I am looking long uphill, it looks too hard for tired body. I never give up, I keep speed. My heart was explode soon before entered the goal stadium. The Marathon goal is soon, I running more fast and fast so finished the race.
My record is 3 hours 29 minutes 30 seconds. It is 2nd faster time of me.

After the race, I eat too much, Vegitables soup made by highschool students, fried fish etc.
The stadium Vegitable Soup Fried fish

I met president “Joh” of my wife’s compnay. He came from Kochi yesterday and go to Kagawa by highway bus today.
Joh and I go to hot spring nearby the stadium. We refreshed and go to Kochi Station by bus.
We eat and drink alcohol and talk about the race at Izakaya “Konkotei“. He achieved the best time 5 hours less and pleased himself.
We said “Good bye” each other, He go to Bus station. Next, We are attending the race “Tokushima Marathon” at 17th March at Tokushima Prefecture.

I came back staying room at 8:30 p.m.. I was very tired. I sleep at around 10 p.m..

….18th February 2019….
I wake up at 9 a.m.. I don’t cure tired of yesterday. My legs and knee bones hurt. I eat breakfast at the cafe.
The Muscle Man and his friend and Hong Kong friends are eating at the cafe too. I talk to them about yesterday race.
They were finished the race and enjoyed the race and tired. The Muscle Man and his friend go to them hometown by an airplane.
Hong Kong friends go to Shimant River, they will enjoy to riding bicycle along river and eating eel. They have large luggage looks so heavy. I hope to see you next time at Hong Kong Marathon 2020.

I visited “Ryugado Cave” and “Sameura Dam”.
I really enjoy the few days, I think that I use Airbnb so well. I have been studying English language for a future.
Ryugado Cave Sameura Dam Sameura Dam

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  1. Wow you did type your diary entry in English and this is indeed a very long one!
    I appreciate it a lot!
    See you again in HK marathon next year! (If I have luck lol)

    • ウェブサイト見てくれてありがとう。

      Thank you very much for checking my website and take a message.
      Thank you very much for came to Japan.
      See you again!!

  2. すごい!本当に真面目に英語で日記を書きました。あなたの努力に頭が下がります。あなたに会いたのはよっかた!来年、まだ香港マラソンで会いましょう!一緒にもっとはやく走りましょう~💪🏽💪🏽

    • コメントありがとう。

      Thank you very much for a message.
      I tried to write a diary in English, it was difficult for me!
      See you again in HongKong Marathon 2020!